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ALMUSAFA Acacia Honey ORIGO003

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Description :

ALMUSAFA Acacia Honey

Pure and Natural Honey effective in supplying instatnt energy to the body hence suitable for athletes and sportsperson... Read More

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    Acacia Honey is extracted from the nectar of Acacia flowers.It is light in colour and has a hint of floral flavour with a gentle smell. . It is prepared and processed in the cleanest condition so it is pure, safe and hygienic. The main feature of Acacia honey is that it has high fructose content and hence it rarely crystallizes and has long shelf life. Acacia Honey is rich in carbohydrates and gets absorbed easily in blood along with other nutrients. Acacia honey boosts the energy level and keeps a person fit and fresh throughout a day. It also boosts your immunity as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Acacia honey contains compounds called flavonoids and phenolics that act as antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the cells from damage done by free radicals. Acacia Honey is beneficial in stress relief, nervous tension and mental disorders. Acacia Honey acts as sedative for nervous disorders and insomnia.

    Acacia honey has many health benefits including its ability to boost skin health, prevent chronic diseases, support the immune system, increase energy and speed weight loss. Acacia Honey is beneficial to the respiratory system due to antibacterial properties as well as helpful in reducing headaches. Acacia honey has been used in traditional Russian medicine to treat several ailments, including respiratory infections, insomnia, kidney disease and headaches. Acacia honey may lead to blood pressure normalization, blood composition balance, incrreaes the level of hemoglobin, and improves sleep if consumed regularly. Acacia honey may purifies the lever and it may act as a diuretic, antimicrobial agent and natural antibiotic. Almusafa Acacia honey has strong antiseptic effect and hence it may be applied in cases of eczema, sores, skin problems, and neurodermatitis and diseases of the oral activity.



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