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About Us

Casseva Beauty is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of herbal cosmetic products in India. Our natural beauty product gives you natural beauty for your body and skin. Herbal cosmetic have always demand within the world market and it is a useful gift of nature. These types of formulations forever have attracted goodly attention. We have all kind of natural products for beauty and skin care.

Casseva is the venture of Origo Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd. It is the first beauty store exclusively for Men and Women in India. As the name depicts Casseva beauty shopee is the exclusive skin store for - Casanova (Men) and Eva (women) . It deals with all Imported, eco friendly and Natural Cosmeceuticals products from Australia, Thailand, Japan, Philippines and India. Casseva is having the product range of Skin Lightening, Anti ageing, Lip care, Breast care, Body care and Hair care products, Herbal Cosmetics Products India, Natural Beauty Products in India and most of the products are first time in India introduction.

Casseva imported and eco friendly cosmetics products ensures 12 quality assurances

  • Pure, Natural & Organic cosmetics

  • Rich in essential oil

  • No testing on animals

  • No petrochemicals

  • No artificial color

  • No Artificial fragrance

  • No GM products

  • No Paraben & sulfate

  • Ethoxylate free

  • Recycled packaging

  • Affordable price

  • Australia & Indian made & owned

Brand Philosophy

  • Produces high quality formulas which assist in everyday skincare problems and so effectively support dermatological treatments.
  • Origo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd (www.origopharma.com) originated from a pharmaceutical standpoint; therefore our products are produced and marketed to be positioned in pharmacies and specialist skincare centers, and prescribed by specialist doctors and/or pharmacists.
  • Dermatologists
  • Aesthetic dermatologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Gynecologists
  • Pediatricians


  • Upper-middle class and above consumer. This type of consumer should be comfortable shopping in a pharmacy or specialized clinic and confident, In knowing they will achieve effective results and safety-of-use by purchasing Origo product range from across the globe and Not be excessively price sensitive.
  • Men & Woman between the ages of 25 to 65.
  • People who wants to be beautiful and longing for skin lightening . Pregnant women and young mothers.
  • People with specific skin problems
  • People whose skin is affected by other conditions: Hyperpigmentation, Dry skin, Hair loss, premature greying of hair etc.
  • People who favor the pharmacy for their cosmetics purchases because they associate them with safety of use, effectiveness and personalized treatments.
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